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A Few Words from our Dancers



Greg Duda's syncopated New Yorkers (crossovers) lesson last night was excellent because... the step was popular and leadable, he including details of technique for the advanced dancers, he took plenty of time so that the beginners could learn foot placements and we took with us a figure that we could add to our repartoire (not a throw-away). Five stars!  
Tom T



The Quickstep lesson by Trish Camara, on 20 March, was excellent and this alone was worth more than the price of admission to the dance.  Tom T



"Applause" Kathy & Bryan for all the joy that you are giving to hundreds of people which attend the wonderful dances!  The music, great food and ambiance, etc., etc. are exquisite, the best! Thank you and looking forward to June 9th.  Rita Singer



Hi Kathy

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the bolero lesson this past Sat. given by Marc Bertrand.  Terrific, terrific, terrific—he knows how to teach to a group, gives enough practice so we all have a good amount of time trying to do the steps, and knows how to rotate the men and women for the lesson.



Loved the 50's dance! Everyone had a fantastic time! Thank you! Mirela Dupree


Great dance with nice folks that host it! Fun time and lots of great music!

John Peters    


Hello I had a wonderful time dancing with all of you in my recent trip up North the night of your White Dance..down South we refer to it as White Linen Night. I hope to return and embrace the art again.


Susan LeBlanc



Great music, nice crowd and dancing! What could be more perfect?! Always a blast! My smile starts when I walk through the door and stays for the night....

Sheila Sabolesky February 4 at 10:17pm


Sheila Sabolesky ....... It's a party atmosphere! There's couples, there's singles. I dance with anyone and everyone! I have never had a bad experience, and in fact consider this my therapy!!!! Love K+S dances and all the people who go. Hope to see you there!

Paul Duhaime ..... Fun night at the Alpine Country Club dancing with friends. Thanks Kathy and Brian for another lovely dance.

Tracy McGraw .... Your dances are so much fun, but the Halloween dance is my favorite! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

I want to express my gratitude to you for the lovely evening.  I am a Marlborough,  MA resident and enjoyed the free dance.  The desserts were delicious and there was great music, as always.  On top of that, there was a reserved table in Sandra C's name waiting for us.

I'm looking forward to 2018 and more K&S dances.  
Happy New Year, Kathy and Brian.
Ann M Maichin

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